Lower Kirby’s overarching master plan, developed to maximize return on investment and building consistency, coupled with a phased infrastructure strategy, has created a uniquely positioned investment opportunity for Pearland and potential investors. As development continues to thrive in Lower Kirby, many infrastructure projects are underway to bring additional value to the area. PEDC, the City, the Lower Kirby Pearland Management District (LKPMD) and the Pearland Municipal Management District #1 (PMMD1) continue to work on infrastructure developments to facilitate further new investment in Lower Kirby. The City’s contribution to the improvements are funded by PEDC. 

The City of Pearland provides water and sanitary sewer service to Lower Kirby.

PEDC, along with partners, has improved road connectivity in Lower Kirby and partnered with CenterPoint Energy to place electrical service along Kirby Drive underground.  

Regional Detention System

Regional detention has been a long-standing priority of the district.. The Lower Kirby Regional Detention Master Drainage Plan was adopted in 2013 to create a more attractive urban development, reclaim land from flood plain, construct drainage and detention infrastructure, and increase property values. The regional detention system consists of multiple ponds and conveyance channels that are owned and maintained by the two management districts. The regional detention system provides most developments offsite storm water detention, allowing greater utilization of each individual parcel and amenity lakes that compliment the District’s park and trail system.